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  Solid wood garage door: Solid wood garage door (also known as Steel-wood garage door) structure uses 2.0 mm steel frame structure. Each door plate imported the latest anti-splint design elements adopts two steel plates, and is processed into anti-splint shape by cold rolling equipment. Slotted solid wood door plate is embedded in the steel frame, and spot welding equipment is used to connect the vertical gear and anti-splint steel structure, and the solder joints are smooth and firm. Steel and wood garage doors have the following advantages:


  1. The front of the door board of the steel warehouse is solid wood, and the back of the solid wood door board is "Tian" shaped steel frame. It combines the solid steel and the natural style of solid wood to upgrade the villa, and naturally integrates with the style of the villa.


  2. The stress points of the steel-wood garage door are all on the steel frame, and the solid wood panel is embedded in the steel frame, which greatly increases the service life of the steel-wood garage door.


  3. The solid wood door panels of steel-wood garage doors are embedded into the steel frame through slotting, and there are convex and concave structures between each solid wood panels, which are joined together by tenons and tenons. The garage door as a whole is a nail-free fixed structure, which not only solves the deformation problem of solid wood, but also prevents the door panels from ringing because of the rust of nails.


  4. In all the structures of the door panels, there are all nail-free structures between the door panels and between the steel frame and the door panels. In the movement of the door panels, there will be no loosening or distortion, and the door panels are firm and reasonable.


  5. Outdoor weatherproof paint is used for solid wood door panels. According to the characteristics of villas, color matching styles can be selected. Steel solid garage door panels can also be suitable for villas positioning. The overall organic combination can be achieved to add value to villas.



  Solid wood structure door plate thickness is 20 feet, the overall thickness of the door body 55 feet, the panel using anti-corrosion treatment and high-temperature dehydration treatment of high-quality solid wood, novel design, beautiful and generous, but also practical. Natural wood texture and color, with classical style, is undoubtedly the best choice for families who advocate natural decoration style. Solid wood doors have been showing a kind of warmth since ancient times. They not only have gorgeous appearance and exquisite carving, but also have various styles. Individualized design can meet the needs of different customers.


  Wood selection: Old American pine, alder, walnut, Shabili and other imported solid wood.


  Non-cracking Method of Solid Wood Door

  1、 首先是有設置遮雨篷,雨水可以直接淋到門上;

  1. First of all, there is a canopy, which can rain directly on the door.

  2、 門板漲縮除了受自然環境的影響以外,還與材料本身的變形程度有關;

  2. The expansion and contraction of door panels are not only affected by natural environment, but also related to the deformation degree of materials themselves.

  3、 可以采用變形較小的材料,並且控製好材料的含水率;

  3. The material with smaller deformation can be used and the moisture content of the material can be well controlled.

  4、 根據當地的自然氣候條件,向日葵视频色板app免费下载生產門扇的木材要進行烘幹處理,並且要回潮一周以上,給材料足夠的養生期,使材料的含水率穩定在12%左右,然後再開始開料加工。

  4. According to the local natural climatic conditions, the wood for door and fan production needs to be dried and moisturized for more than a week to provide sufficient curing period for the material, so that the moisture content of the material can be stabilized at about 12%, and then the cutting process can be started.

  5、 另外生產過程中材料的含水率也要控製好,從開料到半成品直至較交油漆前均需保證材率料不吸潮,含水率不上升。這就需要材料及時放入恒溫房以保持木材的含水率不上升。

  5. In addition, the moisture content of materials in the production process should also be well controlled. From raw materials to semi-finished products to before delivery of paint, it is necessary to ensure that the moisture content of materials does not absorb and does not rise. This requires materials to be put into the thermostat in time to keep the moisture content of wood from rising.

  6、 在製作工藝上,通過不同結的的隼接結構,在門結構重要的地可以變形地方,加入防變形膠條,這樣把變形變為小。

  6. In the manufacturing process, through the Falcon joint structure of different knots, in the most important place where the door structure can be deformed, add anti-deformation tape, so as to minimize the deformation.