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  How Innovative the Development Direction of Electric Curtain Door Industry


  Electric rolling curtain doors play a convenient and fast opening role in large doors, where it is inconvenient to install ground doors. Therefore, they are widely used in public places or residential buildings such as commercial doors, garages, shopping malls, hospitals, factories and mining enterprises. However, automatic curtain doors have only been available for more than ten years, and they are still unclear and imperfect in product standards, technical specifications, long-term positioning and intellectual property protection. Faced with these "resistance", the development of automatic curtain door industry has a long way to go, which requires the industry to work together to break through.


  Intellectual property protection of electric curtain door is too weak


  Generally speaking, the Chinese people's awareness of intellectual property protection itself is not strong, and the lack of corresponding technical and policy support in actual actions has led to a large number of formal enterprises to invest a lot of money in the painstaking research and development of new products. As soon as they came out, counterfeit and inferior products flocked to the market at a low price. At the same time, the poor quality products of fish-eye mixed beads also make consumers unable to distinguish and do not know what to do. This not only damages the enterprises invested in R&D, but also directly damages the interests of consumers and disrupts the market order.


  Electric curtain doors lack product standards and technical specifications


  Since the product of automatic rolling shutter has only been on the market for more than ten years, the foundation of technical work has just been established. There is not enough technical preparation and sufficient research and data preparation to formulate product standards and technical standards. It can be said that the establishment and operation of the Technical Committee for the Standardization of Automatic Garage Doors of the Ministry of Construction has created favorable conditions for the formulation of these standards and technical specifications, but it still needs the active participation, support and cooperation of colleagues in the industry to truly implement them.



  The long-term development target of electric curtain door is not clear enough


  At this stage, most of the manufacturers are fighting for each other, feeling the stones across the river, there is no unified and clear identification of when to achieve what kind of standards. This will inevitably lead to short-sighted and blind development of enterprises. It is not only a waste of resources, but also very easy to miss the best opportunity for the development of the industry.


  Malignant Competition of Electric Curtain Door Products

  競爭本來是市場經濟的應有之義,但它又猶如一柄雙刃劍,市場秩序和環境不規範時,若運用得不當,就會出現惡性競爭,導致廠家和消費者雙方受害。特別是在市場資源有限的情況下,僧多粥少,一份訂單有十幾個廠家去競爭的案例屢見不鮮。為了各自的眼前利益終就會演變為價格競爭,因為它迎合了現階段經濟尚不充裕的國人消費需求。而低價競爭又必然導致一些企業在降低製造成本上大做文章,隨之而來的就是原材料以次充好,偷工減料,服務 水平降低,產品品質和質量下降,終受害的還是消費者。

  Competition is the proper meaning of market economy, but it is like a double-edged sword. When market order and environment are not standardized, if used improperly, there will be vicious competition, which will lead to the victimization of both manufacturers and consumers. Especially in the case of limited market resources, there are more monks and fewer porridges. It is not uncommon for more than a dozen manufacturers to compete for an order. For their immediate interests, they will eventually evolve into price competition, because it caters to the consumption needs of the people whose economy is not yet sufficient at this stage. And low-price competition will inevitably lead some enterprises to make a big fuss on reducing manufacturing costs, followed by poor raw materials, jerry-building, reduced service level, product quality and quality decline, the ultimate victim is consumers.


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