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  Nowadays, many post-90s are getting married and setting up their own businesses. As the new owner of society, private cars have become the standard equipment of many families. With the popularity of private cars, Jinan garage door has also been promoted. Jinan garage door to understand it!


  In Jinan garage, the performance of the gantry is good, the influence of construction errors is regulated by the frame, and the garage is completely horizontal and vertical. In this way, we can reduce the friction of the guide rail during the use of Jinan garage door, thereby reducing noise, prolonging the service life of Jinan garage door, and at the same time, improve the aesthetics of Jinan garage door. The encrypted sealing strip on the edge of the door panel can make the door body and the door frame more unified, increase the sealing of the garage, and play the role of windproof, sand-proof and heat preservation.


  Finger protection function is an important function, that is, the combination of door and door for finger protection. In Europe, there was a time when more than 10,000 cases of severe finger pinches were recorded in one year. Therefore, it is very important to provide this finger protection device to ensure the safety of you and your family.


  When encountering obstacles, the pick-up function of the door is to stop running and release obstacles during operation, which can effectively ensure the safety of people and vehicles. For example, while the door is closing, your beloved son is still under the door. When the door produces 5 kilograms of resistance during operation, it will be picked up automatically to ensure the safety of your beloved son and car.



  Manual opening function is a power failure or forgotten to bring remote control. Many Jinan garage doors do not have this function. Generally, it can be opened when the power supply is cut off but there is no way to lock, causing a lot of unnecessary trouble. Germany, Weidong Jinan garage door will have a patent design of double locking mechanism, as long as the power can manually open the key of the door. Spoon, locked.


  The door opener can be said to be the heart of Jinan garage door. The quality and performance of the door directly affect the quality and performance of Jinan garage door. Therefore, we should try our best to choose the entrance with anti-skid and alarm functions to open the garage door. A good door opener has slow start and slow stop functions. It can prevent the door body or door opener from being damaged when the door suddenly opens or closes, prolong the service life, and the service life can reach more than 90,000 times. In addition, it has the function of automatic learning and memory, and can automatically calculate the different forces required for different opening heights. Therefore, the tension output of the door opener will change during the opening process. On the one hand, it can save energy and prolong the service life of the door opener. The motherboard should also have the function of automatic overheating protection, which can prevent the motherboard from burning down once the voltage changes. Intelligent door opener can also automatically perceive the illegal invasion of external forces. Once the door is opened abnormally by external forces of 5 cm, the door opener can perceive and automatically lock the door. At the same time, the intelligent anti-theft module can be installed to connect with the security alarm system of the community.


  Through the above points, I believe that we can choose a stable Jinan garage door products, the above content is provided to you by Jinan garage door, more garage door information and timely attention to our website news columns, I hope to help you.